Common skincare myths

It's time to set the record straight! 

Boys are often left to use their sister's or mum's products if they're not lucky enough to have mum buy one for them, so it's no wonder they don't know a lot when it comes to skincare. It's important to get skincare facts straight, so we're here to debunk some common myths.


Myth #1
You can use the same product on your face as your body

Facial skin is more sensitive, thinner and produces more oil. So it's much better to use a product especially made for cleansing your face, without drying it out.  

Myth #2
Soap is fine to wash your face with

Soap will dry out your face. End of story. It may be clean, but it will dry out and potentially get flaky, leading to tightness and possibly acne as the skin produces excess oil to compensate. A gentle cleanser is the way to go!  

Myth #1
Toothpaste is a great DIY spot treatment

No it's not! Toothpaste can actually irritate and dry out the skin, which could then also lead to more pimples as the skin races to produce more oil to compensate. So save it for teeth, seeing that's what it's made for!

Myth #2
Scrubbing really hard will clean your skin

Exfoliating too hard can actually damage your skin, removing cells that are there for protection as well as damaging capillaries. The skin can also become more dehydrated, which again can lead to more pimples. 

Myth #3
Popping a pimple gets rid of it

Popping a pimple can actually spread the harmful bacteria that causes pimples in the first place. This can then worsen the overall condition of the skin. Popping pimples can also lead to scarring in some cases. 

Myth #4
Don't use moisturiser if you have pimples

All skin needs to be moisturised in order to maintain a strong and healthy barrier. This barrier protects it from the bacteria that cause pimples in the first place. If you don’t use moisturiser, the skin will dry out and compensate by producing even more oil. This leads to vicious cycle of bad skin and more breakouts. Make sure you use a light, oil-free moisturiser to hydrate without the oily feel.