sam & jo skincare was created by two mums, Sam and Jo (no surprise there right!?) who were both bringing up teenage boys, and were frustrated by the lack of natural skincare products on offer that were suitable for boys to use.  


With hormones kicking in and raging out of control, teenage skin changes and is easily thrown out of balance. The overproduction of oil, combined with sweat and grime, means teen skin is prone to breakouts. Let's face, it's also a challenge to get teen boys to shower! In an effort to improve the condition of the boys skin, both mums searched for skincare solutions that were simple and easy for the boys to use and contained natural ingredients. 

The majority of products available seemed to target men, rather than teens or be aimed at girls. Discouraged by the lack of options on the shelves, Sam and Jo decided to create their own range that tackled teen skin issues and also looked like a product teenage boys would be comfortable to own and use. Making sure the products contained natural ingredients and were chemical free was imperative. Working with an experienced, qualified cosmetic chemist, our range was developed using the best of Australian ingredients found in nature, from plants and fruits.

 The next concern was making the products looked good and that boys understood how easy to use they were. We discovered boys didn't really know much about skincare products or how to use them. Testing with our own son's first we realised we couldn't assume boys knew what to do. A simple 3 step guide, combined with colour coding and clear instructions, make the

sam & jo skincare range perfect for teen boys to learn to manage their skin care themselves and enjoy the benefits of clear, healthy looking skin.


We are proud supporters of the Top Blokes Foundation.

Top Blokes Foundation work with boys and young men to improve mental health and social well-being.