Some of the great feedback on our products


It was important to us that our product worked. After all that's why we created our own brand in the first place. We wanted to create a cleanser and moisturiser that would work for our own teenage boys and we believe we succeeded. Don't just take our word for it - the feedback from other mums is just as important.

"Very pleased with the products my son has started using it and loved it. Thanks again" Jennifer

"My 16 year old son has just started using your products. After trying so many other products he said his skin is feeling so much better after using yours.He has only been using it for a week and already the redness and soreness from his pimples is so much better. And your ingredients smell so good! Thank you😊" Peppy73

"My boys, almost 14 and almost 16 respectively, have been using these products for two weeks...the difference in their skin is amazing!" Daniela

"Highly recommend, my two teenage boys have been using the kit, skin is so much clearer. Smells amazing with no nasties." Karen M.

"I can’t recommend these products enough for any parent that has a pre teen or teenage boy struggling with pimples and break outs. My son's face the last 6 months has started to severely break out in pimples, (sorry mate, you got your Mum’s bad skin). I bought him the usual face washes from the shops but he considered them ‘girly’ and getting him to wash his face was always a hassle. 5 days of using these products and his skin is clearing and tonight he even washed and moisturised his face without me telling him 😮 Just had to share". Monica

"My 16 year old son is finding your products excellent for his skin, such a huge difference from the first bottle of face wash. So, thank you for making beautiful, natural, Aussie made products." Sarah

"My boys have been using this less than a week, and I can see a difference. One of them even said 'Mum feel how soft my skin is'" Jess
"Great service. And the product is brilliant has definitely made a difference for my son and I will be buying more. Initially hesitant to buy as you just don't know what products are really like but i was pleasantly surprised." Kerri S.
"On my second order from Sam & Jo for my 13 year old son. He is using all 3 products on a daily basis. His skin has cleared up significantly. Still an occasional breakout on his forehead when he wears his helmet all day riding his bike, but otherwise his skin looks much cleaner and healthier. My son has noticed the difference in his skin, which gives him that extra boost in his confidence.
Love the spot remover, I may have used it on the odd occasion and it really works!" Fay H.
"Bought this for my son... brilliant productKaren G.
"I purchased this for my 10 year old son. He loves the fresh smell of the cleanser and that the moisturiser makes his skin feel nice. He also likes that he's stopped getting little pimples now." Leanne B.
My son is 14 and has cleared his skin a lot. Tricia
My 15yo sons break out was pretty bad and after trying different products nothing was working. After 4 weeks of using Sam & Jo skincare face wash moisturiser and on the spot face the results are amazing his skin is so much clearer and his breakouts are diminishing. Thanks for creating this product for teenage boys. Maria
Bought the cleanser. Really good. Timothy
Just a should to you for your fantastic products. My son loves the ease of use of the cleanser, moisturiser and spot treatment. He says it's so easy! Thank you. Leanne