Congested skin and teenagers

To clear congested pores, first you need to understand what is happening.

Suddenly you notice your teenage boy's skin has lost that smooth, clear look and has become bumpy and dull. The pores have become blocked and congested, filled with blackheads.

Congested skin is often associated with teenagers and is common on the face, shoulders and back.

What is congested skin? 

Congestion describes skin that has clogged pores. These are often seen as blackheads and whiteheads, and create that dirty, bumpy look in teen skin. The air makes dirt clogged in the skin appear black. Whiteheads are deeper in the skin, harder to treat and not exposed to the air. Hormones are usually the cause of both, combined with a number of other factors.

So what are those other factors? 

There are a few other issues that can affect the quality of skin in a teenager:

  • Dead skin cells stay on the skin
  • A build-up of excess oil & sebum
  • Environmental pollution combined with daily dirt and grime
  • Toxins being expelled by the body via your sweat

Genetics and lifestyle issues such as diet and sleep can also play an enormous part in how hormones effect the skin. 

How do you clear up congested skin?

Teens need to keep skin as clean as possible but without damaging the surface with harsh scrubs. It's also important to keep it well hydrated and moisturised as dry skin causes a rebound in over production of oil. It's also important to try and build the skins immunity, and stimulate cell turnover.

Internal health is also really important for a teenager. A good diet that is low in sugar and processed foods but high in protein will help the body to function at it's best. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush toxins and keep the body and skin hydrated.

Managing stress and getting plenty of sleep is critical. With too much stress and not enough sleep, hormones are thrown out of whack, disrupting the health of the skin. Along with getting enough sleep, it's also really important to keep pillow cases clean and fresh.

Using products that don't contain nasty chemicals like our Clean Face cleanser is really important in taking care of teenage skin. The fruit enzymes help to exfoliate and remove excess oil, without being too harsh or drying out the skin. The natural antibacterial properties of white willow bark and papaya used in our cleanser help to remove the bacteria commonly associated with congested skin. 

If you can help your son understand the causes of congested skin and how to help clear it, you're setting them up with good skincare habits for life. And it's one less thing for you to worry about!