Helping teenage boys learn how shave

Being a teenage boy can be difficult enough with the surging hormones but throw in acne and facial hair in the mix and self esteem can be challenged.

Understanding how to shave properly is an important life skill for boys to learn and helps to ensure skin stays healthy for life. Navigating a shave with pimples and break outs can add to the pressure of shaving for the first few times. We’ve put together a few helpful tips and tricks to help guide your teen (and you!).

Deciding when to shave for the first time can be important. Ideally, the first shave is better to try when skin is NOT in the middle of a massive breakout. Try and have teens be really consistent with their skincare routine in the week prior to minimise pimples and have skin at it’s best. If your teen does have really severe acne then using an electric razor might be better. It’s probably not going to be necessary to shave the entire face first – it’s more likely your teen will start shaving the moustache area and chin where the initial “peach fuzz” hairs of puberty start to show. It’s also likely that your teen won’t need to shave every day at first either. Which is good news, because it gives them time to practice and get the hang of it before it becomes too much of a challenge.

Below are some tips on shaving

  1. Cleanse the face first. Washing the face with warm water and using our CLEAN FACE cleanser removes all the dirt, dead skin and oils that cause acne. Warm water will help to soften the hairs and open pores.
  2. Shaving cream. Shaving creams don’t need to be thick and over applied. Our SHAVE FACE cream applies a thin layer of cream and lubrication to the face, making shaving easier but also allowing teens to see where they’re shaving!
  3. The natural ingredients in our cream help to soften hairs even more, so if there’s a part of the face teens find trickier to do, then leave that for last so the cream has had time to work.
  4. Always make sure they’re using a clean, sharp razor before they start.
  5. Shave with the direction the hair is growing, especially for the first pass.
  6. Use smooth and slow strokes.
  7. Wash the face with cold water as soon as shaving is finished. The cold water helps to close the pores of the skin and soothe any irritation.
  8. Apply HYDRATE FACE moisturiser after shaving (gently! Don’t rub on the face, pat on gently.) This is an important step and not only helps to prevent redness and irritation, the fruit enzymes and white willow bark included help to fight any bacteria that may be lingering on the skin’s surface
  9. Wash, clean and dry the razor ready for next time.