Skin care sustainability

Here at Sam & Jo Skincare we care about the Earth and are constantly striving to improve our sustainability so you can feel good about using our products – from the ingredients right through to the packaging!  We don't claim to be perfect, and even with the best intentions we are limited with some things, but we are certainly trying.

Let’s start with the ingredients. Apart from being all natural with no added nasties (and organic where possible), our products are made with Australian essential oils, fruits & extracts that are sustainable & ethically sourced. This ensures we leave a minimal carbon footprint on the environment and don’t pollute our waterways with toxic ingredients.

Our suppliers are local, and make our product in small batches, to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life, with minimum waste.

Our packaging is also sourced from Australia and is fully recyclable. You don’t need to remove caps or fittings before recycling.

As for our delivery boxes, it starts with the kraft cardboard box that is 100% recyclable and made in Australia, acid free tissue paper and some shredded kraft paper to protect your order! There is zero packing plastic or polystyrene in any of our orders.

We have tried different ways to post your order but have now found the best way is a 100% recyclable paper post pack.

Hopefully this gives you a little insight in the ways we are trying to make a difference to the environment and you can buy them with a clear conscience knowing we are doing everything we can to have sustainable and ethical products.