Why good skincare is important for boys

As adults, particularly as women, we are inundated with information on good skin care and the importance of taking care of and protecting our skin.

Good skincare is just as important for teenagers, as changing hormones and the onset of puberty can affect skin. Many teens are prone to oily skin and breakouts, which can also affect self confidence just at the time they are becoming more aware of themselves and their looks and boys are no different to girls.

Teaching tweens or teen boys a few healthy skin habits early can give confidence as well as improve their complexion. Boys generally have less interest in skin products than girls, so keeping it simple is key. 

Cleanse, Moisturise. Treat. It's that easy.

Daily cleansing is one of the most critical steps in a good skin care routine. Particularly if your son is active - then they are more likely to be sweating and getting grimy. Understanding that washing their face with a cleanser to remove dirt and oil that clog pores and cause pimples is the most important lesson. Teenage skin is sensitive, so it's also one of the reason's the sam & jo clean face cleanser is sulfate-free. Our cleanser also contains Juniper Berry and Lime essential oils - both of which have antibacterial properties to fight the surface bacteria that can lead to blemishes. Simply washing their face with a cleanser will have a massive impact on your son's skin. Better again if you can get them to do it every day!

The next step in good skin care habits is the importance of moisturising. Let's face it, we know that getting a teenage boy to use a cleanser is hard enough, so moisturising may be a challenging extra step, but the benefits make it worth while. Hydrated skin is less likely to over produce oil, keeping skin balanced and healthy. The sam & jo hydrate face is not only a lightweight moisturiser, it also includes Papaya and White Willow Bark to help dissolve dead skin, helping to keep skin refreshed and decongested.

Finally, it's also really important that your son understands not to touch their face with their hands or pick at pimples. Bacteria on hands can only make things worse. Our easy to use sam & jo on the spot face is a great natural way to treat pimples. 

If you can get your son to embrace the 3 easy to use steps of cleansing, moisturising and using a spot remover, they are on their way to healthier skin, greater confidence for life.